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Information Efficiency

Our mission is to empower small businesses by increasing information efficiency. Information efficiency is of the utmost importance for success in any business, and information systems are the most powerful tools for achieving it. Information systems are indispensable in creating new business ideas and for modeling and automating business processes.

ECL Computing was founded in 1990 by a couple of information technology professionals who were former employees of local aerospace companies and universities in Vancouver. ECL sticks close to its roots by staying at the forefront of IT technology and delivers innovative yet practical solutions in the highly competitive small business market.

Customer Testimonials

"Western Propeller is in the Aviation maintenance and repair business, specifically sales and overhaul of aircraft propellers, propeller control units and some other aircraft accessories. ECL has been providing us computing services since June of 2000, and they have helped virtualize our computing environment for the past 5 years; recently they upgraded us with a state of the art virtual environment to build our proprietary ERP system, which allows our operations to run more efficiently. We are quite happy with the platform they have set up because it is easy to use and reliable and allows us to focus on our core business and not worry about our IT. ECL has also recommended that we do further virtualization by using SharePoint, which will allow us to be even more efficient with our processes and allow us to further customize and expand the capabilities of our new ERP Software."

-Chad Sloane, Managing Director (www.westernpropeller.com)
Western Propellor
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