Building Blocks for Digital Network Infrastructure

Feel confident in ECL's ability to help you select the best suited hardware components and software products  to build your digital network infrastructure from the thousands available on the market.

Off-the-shelf Hardware Products

ECL is vendor neutral. ECL supports its customers by recommending the most appropriate hardware for their needs. We have products available from hundreds of our favourite hardware manufacturers, such as AMD, Intel, CISCO, Linksys, Netgear, Fujitsu, Maxtor, Seagate, Wyse, and Acer. The products we offer range from peripherals for handheld devices, laptops, and desktops, to entire servers. ECL supports all tier-1 and tier-2 branded PC manufacturers, and partners with vendors that carry brand name PCs such as Dell, Acer, HP, and IBM to build your digital network infrastructure from the ground up.

ECL Custom Hardware Products

In addition to brand name products, ECL manufactures a line of privately branded PCs for use in the local market. These built-to-order PCs are natively Windows compatible, have open architecture, are modular, and can be highly customizable to fit your specific business, technical, and budgetary requirements.

Major characteristics of ECL custom hardware include the following:

  • Built to order
  • Open architecture
  • Leading technology
  • User serviceable design
  • Multiple-sourced components
  • Industry standard components
  • Microsoft Windows compatible
  • Our famous, no nonsense, one-day replacement warranty

Off-the-shelf Software Products

ECL specializes and carries Microsoft Windows platform products, including all flavours of Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Server applications such as Sharepoint and Exchange, SQL servers, and MS Office. ECL also carries non-Microsoft software that complement Windows systems, such as Mdaemon, Adobe Acrobat, Nuance PDF suite and Sharepoint webparts.

ECL Custom Software Products

In addition to brand name products, ECL authors privately labeled system software packages for our clients world wide. Some samples are:

  • DOSILL -- Makes ACCPAC achieve higher performance in Terminal Servers
  • Medusa -- Creates redunant Internet routes for Terminal Server connection longevity 
  • FHAConnect -- Allows BC hospitals to connect the provincial government from Terminal Servers using VPN 

Over the years, ECL has customized software packages for our client's specific requirements. Some sample software packages include mass emailing, mass faxing, remote access, remote monitoring, and surveillance camera applications, including attendance data capture, security honey pots, and web scrapping. ECL has also developed interconnecting software (glue-logic) methodologies to make programs communicate better between a variety systems, including Sharepoint, MS Exchange, MS Office, Goldmine,  Quickbooks, PACS, and DotNetNuke.